Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Twas the Night Before Lich King

My copy's on its way. So what am I doing tonight? Taking it easy, pretty much.

I did adjust Tivara's spec a little, going from 61/0/0 to 51/10/0 and feeling relieved at her improved critical hit chance. There's some useful discussion about hunter specs and other stuff over at WoW Insider, and I recommend it.

My major task of the evening will be getting Tivara's wolf Scourgebane, whom I've decided is female, to level 70. Right now she's about a quarter of the way there. I'm doing quests at semi-random for fun and loot, and she'll be in top fighting form before I go to bed. I'm listening to a lot of Marillion tonight (and thinking that "Freaks" would make a good theme song for my gang)

Oh, yes, the other thing is to keep taking it easy with my eating so as to help settle the stomach bug that struck again on Sunday and hasn't really started letting go.


Geoff said...

I noticed last night that you'd changed the spec on Tivara. I'd bookmarked your Armoury page and was referring back to it every time I levelled up. Talents are one thing in WoW I just don't understand properly. I've tended to choose them based on what looks like fun at the time, but I end up making my character much weaker than the one that's been min-maxed to death.

I'm still trying to figure everything out. Using a bear as a tank has been very successful for me. So, thanks for that tip.

Still, it's going to be a long time before I get to see any of the Lich King content. Nanoa is still only level 28 and slogging through the Stonetalon Mountains quests. I haven't even gotten to the Burning Crusade content yet, so hitting the newest stuff is probably months away for me.