Thursday, November 20, 2008

From 71 to 73: Another Miscellany

This is all just stuff that made an impression on me, before I get on to covering developments in the next zone or two.

How you get out of a Scourge-fighting tank, when it's used up:


A baby mammoth we just freed from a cruel trap, trumpeting its thanks before running off:

Freed Baby Mammoth

The grandest mammoth of the Borean Tundra, happy for our good deeds (and Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals will be the subject of some small post in the future):


High on the list of people you don't really expect to show up to help deal with a challenge, providing an unexpectedly cool capstone to a quest chain:

Saurfang in the Field

One of my favorite quests so far:

Insult Quest

The insult deployed, not long before Bjorn charged after Tivara, right into Lydell's camp and got killed:

Insult Deployed

A very thorough product warning:

Blight Specimen

Ember Clutch, where proto-dragon eggs hatch most happily, and a proto-dragon whelp taking umbrage at Tivara's presence:

Proto-Dragon Whelp

A vrykul ghost, forever summoning:

Vrykul ghost at Shield Hill

Getting custom delivery to a band of pirates:

Lou the Cabin Boy

Pirates let you use the greatest stuff sometime, when you're willing to go to haunted islands they aren't:

Harry's Bomber

One of the orca of the Howling Fjord, with Sagarmatha for scale:

Orca and Sagarmatha

A storm giant fighting the guards at New Agamand; the guards themselves are out of sight, below the rim of that bluff Tivara's on:

Storm Giant at New Agamand

One of the major dwarvish excavations at the rim of the Howling Fjord:

Dwarvish Excavation

Another great quest text:


And that clears the miscellany backlog. Next post, likely, will be sights of the Dragonblight, the next zone along the way.