Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Possibly Cuter Than A Baby Mammoth

Downstairs, in the main hall of the Horde base at Agmar's Hammer, they plot revenge against the Scourge and handicapping strikes on the Alliance. Upstairs it turns out to be a different story...

Orphan Matron Twinbreeze of the taunka tends the most innocent victims of the ongoing multi-way war:

Taunka Orphan

From time to time one of them cries, and she goes to tend it:

Matron Twinbreeze

She'll ask one if it can eat a little just for her, and tell another that it might grow up to be a shaman like Auntie Twinbreeze, and yet another that it might someday be a great warrior.

I don't know if it's cuter than baby mammoths (particularly ones trumpeting their thanks after being rescued from cruel traps), but it's certainly not any less cute.