Friday, November 14, 2008

First Looks at Northrend, Part 1: Borean Tundra and Points West

I don't yet have a lot to say about the newly accessible continent, because I haven't done very much there yet. I do, however, have quite a bit to show, because I've been looking all around. It is, simply, staggering—literally breathtaking for me, from time to time.

Warsong Hold is the Horde stronghold in the Borean Tundra, at the west end of the continent. The zeppelin from Orgrimmar actually flies right into it:

First Look at Warsong Hold

Zeppelin Docked in Warsong Hold

Inside is everything needed to prepare the massive offensive the Horde wishes to launch against the Lich King's forces, both materials...

Warsong Hold Forge

...and planning. The two orcs at right are Garrosh and Saurfang, who are still arguing:

Garrosh and Saurfang

Right outside is a massive mining operation, partly infested with nerubians (of whom I didn't get any good pictures this time):

Warsong Hold Mining

And beyond that, my first look at the actual Borean Tundra. Notice, by the way, that auroras are visible day and night over much of Northrend:

Borean Tundra, first look

It is illegal in 17 states to be cuter than this baby mammoth....

Baby Mammoth

...which means this tuskarr is in some risk of trouble if he visits the US:


Not this guy, however:


I like the taunka, northern cousins to the tauren:

Taunka on Guard Duty

The Scourge is, of course, never far off:

Borean Tundra Necropolis

And finally for now...the Borean Tundra has worms! Big ones! They have a great acid spit that reduces the target's effective armor. This is Kurgan (he is, after all, but a worm):

Freshly Tamed Kurgan

Next time, sightseeing my way east toward the Howling Fjord.


Sean T. Collins said...

So rad! Hahaha, as I watched and re-watched and re-re-re-watched that Lich King intro cinematic yesterday (despite my wife literally howling in disbelief as to how, oh let's say indebted it was to PJ's LoTR), I spent the whole time thinking "I can't wait to read what Bruce has to say about this." Basically, your WoW posts are the new TV show I'm following this season.

Your biggest fan,

Mrigashirsha said...

*laugh* Live to serve, sir!