Monday, November 10, 2008

Now That's What I Call An Event!

"Thanks, that's what I call it too."—Stella (Linda Hunt), in Silverado, speaking of something else.

Tonight the Lich King took it right into the heart of the Horde and Alliance, with attacks on Orgrimmar and Stormwind. I happen to have been playing Tivara tonight, so this is the Horde side of it.

It starts with a gathering of the senior members of the orcs and undead in the Horde:






They're gathered in conference to decide what to do about the rising threat from the Lich King. Garrosh argues for immediate attack; Sylvanas agrees, and offers the services of Putress and the other apothecaries. Saurfang counsels caution, and Thrall agrees, arguing that the Horde needs strategy as well as tactics. All of this takes place with them gathered around a table with a nifty map:

The Conference Map

Garrosh loses his patience and accuses Thrall of cowardice. The argument escalates into an all-out duel, and the Ring of Valor gets used at last! (It's been in the game since release day, and never had a purpose until now). It's a great fight, and one my screenshots can't do justice to:

Thrall v. Garrosh

Thrall concedes!

Thrall Concedes

But before he can complete the concession, there's tremendous uproar outside. It's the Herald of the Lich King, unleashing something nasty! Thrall promises Garrosh that they'll settle it later. Both leap out of the arena, run outside, and undead frostwyrm, spewing ice!

Dragon Attacking, 1

Make that lots of frostwyrms!

Dragons Attacking, 2

Frostwyrms Over Orgrimmar

And the frostwyrms unleash legions of abominations!

Abominations Attacking

The fight rages all over the Valley of Honor. PCs fight right alongside Thrall, Garrosh, and the rest. The orcs charge wherever they're needed, while Sylvanas and minions maintain a patrol of their own:

Sylvanas on Patrol

At last, after fifteen minutes or so, the invaders lie crushed:

Abominations Defeated

The leaders gather again. Now Thrall decides it's time for war. He alerts Saurfang to prepare the fleets and Garrosh to prepare the armies. And then calm descends again, for a little while.

The event seems to be playing out two or three times an hour, and it's got a counterpart in Stormwind Harbor. Don't miss it. And little did I realize that Scourgebane would get a chance to do his titular pursuit of vengeance quite so soon!

This was glorious fun. Nobody has to take part in it, but getting to fight right alongside one's leaders is mighty, mighty nifty.


Tom Scudder said...

Hey. Comments are working again.

As I mentioned elsewhere, my favorite piece from the patch is the brain-in-a-jar quest you can pick up in Shattrath. The whispers as you haul the stupid thing to Thunder Bluff are a thing of beauty.

LongStrider said...

It whispers at you to return to you home city, Tauren to TB, Troll/Orc to Org, undead to UC and BE to SMC.

Tom Scudder said...

Ah, thanks, I was wondering why Thunder Bluff in particular. Twas nice to have an excuse to avoid the Orgrimmar bank lag, in any case.