Saturday, November 01, 2008

That's Admiral Tivara To You

A guildmate suggested to me a few days ago that we should go ahead and get enough Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation to get the cool parrot-summoning hat and accoutrements. I was skeptical, but read up on it at Wowwiki, and figured, sure, what the heck. In fact it went even easier than I expected. We went from high in hated by the Bloodsails to friendly with them, and therefore eligible for the quest that gives the title and hat, in something like four hours' total grinding. Amazingly fast.

Raising your rep with the Bloodsails proves easy enough: kill Booty Bay Bruisers, and a lot of them. They give 25 rep each, and they come in twos and threes when Booty Bay people are attacked, so this adds up very quickly indeed. It turns out that it's possible to do that in relative safety, too. Come in through the tunnel at the north and turn right, to the path that leads to a couple of small buildings with armorers and smith. Very few people use them these days, and if someone does need them, the respawn rate is fast enough that you can just stand down from the attack and let them do their business easily enough. You get pauses in which you can drink, eat, and heal. It's certainy soloable at 70, but I highly recommend duoing it with someone - the company makes it more fun, and gives you a safety margin in your Leeeeroy moments. (It particularly helps when your companion is an outstanding holy priest, as mine is, but anything'll do.)

And the results of that effort? I got a hat! And duds! And, as you see, a title!

Tivara and Her Admiral's Hat

Alas, the ship I've been given command of needs a bit of work. It lists, for one thing:

Tivara Surveys Her Command

Ahh, this must be the problem:

Tivara's Ship Broadside

But hey, everyone has to start somewhere. (That ship is part of the Kirin'Var Village area, in case anyone's wondering.)

Summary: I had fun, and like the rewards. Now we'll see about repairing our rep with the Steamwheedle Cartel factions without costing ourselves Bloodsail rep. Slower than grinds that knock Bloodsail rep back down, but I hear there are goodies coming and like having the option open.