Monday, November 10, 2008

Doggy! (New Pet Time)

I owe thanks for this one to Mania, the keeper of the insanely wonderful Petopia, for blogging about it in the first place and to guildmate Nyo for reminding me of it.

In Hellfire Ramparts, there are patrols consisting of an orc beastmaster and two wolves. These are neat wolves, too, outfitted with saddles and gear. Someone noticed and reported to Mania that they became tamable in the beta test servers. Inquiries led to the revelation that they would become tamable on the live servers, too. And in patch 3.0.3, they did. I like wolves very much for single-target damage dealing, particularly when raiding. Nyo suggested that we go try taming one. The results of that trying:

Scourgebane in Profile

Scourgebane Head On

This is Scourgebane, and he'll be accompanying Tivara into Northrend. I think that my first wolf, Timmorn, is going to get a retirement release.