Saturday, November 08, 2008

And That's What Hunters Do

This is another one for my non-WoW-playing readers.

One of the distinctive things hunters have, besides their pets, is the trapping ability. Hunters learn to lay down traps that can do a variety of things: explode in a single burst of damage, keep exploding every few seconds for a while, unleash poisonous snakes, chill an area so that enemies moving in it must slow down, and so on. But the bread-and-butter trap for most hunters is the Freezing Trap. Here's Tivara laying one down:

Planting a Freezing Trap

The trap lasts for a couple of minutes, and goes off if any enemy gets within a few yards of it. And when that happens, there's a sudden puff of frost, and this:

Naga in Freezing Trap

Fwoosh! That naga's not going anywhere for twenty seconds, unless one of us damages him, by accident or on purpose. That's the hunter version of crowd control, often abbreviated "cc". When I say that I did a lot of cc on a run with friends, what I mean is that I did a lot of stuff like that. Which is very fun.


Tom Scudder said...

Hunters have awesome crowd control. They can pretty easily keep 2 different creatures busy long enough for the tank plus dps to burn through the primary and secondary targets, by freezing one guy (as illustrated) and sending the pet in a kamikaze attack against a second, since it's pretty easy for a hunter to bring his poor pet back to life.