Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some Gorilla Numbers

Tonight I thought to have Recount running during my Quel'danas dailies sweep, reset after the bombing run and the reinforcements attack.

My routine is to do the bombing run and naval battle first, then a loop to gather blood berries and mana remnants, fix robots, take ley line readings, and slaughter numbers of Dawnblade troops and demons, and finally a loop to free murloc prisoners, get ore, and finish off the readings. This is handy, it turns out, for measuring combat statistics, since there's a segment of all single-target encounters followed by a swath of multi-target fights.

As of this evening, with her current gear , Tivara is dealing about 360 dps to single targets, and Sagarmatha is doing about 150 dps to them. Still getting a sense of how high the AOE damage can get.

I do have a devilsaur. Here he is being nautical:
Gorynych at Sea

I hadn't reset Recount after the bombing run so I can't vouch for his damage beyond "it's good". But he just can't hold aggro like Sagarmatha, and so I visited the QD stable master after returning to the island upon completing this quest

For the future: I should try out a crocolisk and compare its reactive-damage special power to Sagarmatha's style.