Saturday, October 18, 2008

Huntard Corner: Aspect of the Viper and Its Use

I'm prone to moments of great cluelessness. Years-long moments, sometimes. The Huntard Corner will be where I note down things I feel I should have learned earlier, and occasionally where I note things I find myself repeatedly helping others with. But mostly, this is me documenting things I benefitted from, in the hopes that they do someone else good.

First up, the new use of Aspect of the Viper.

It turns out this a simple one. It's a short-term toggle. When you're low on mana, switch to Aspect of the Viper and keep shooting. You regenerate an astounding quantity of mana. When you're topped off, or as topped off as you need to be, switch back to Aspect of the Hawk or whatever you may have been using, and enjoy your refreshed mana pool.

Go forth and slay and stop drinking so much!