Friday, October 24, 2008

All These Mobs Will Be Lost in Time Like Tears in /Guild

Today I was riding around the Eastern Plaguelands, filling in Tivara's map for the exploration achievement, when I saw one of those very, very familiar rings of white stone with bubbling blood inside. Old-timers know what I'm talking about: the Blood of Heroes, needed in some old-time high-end crafting, which spawned two elite ghostly guardians. You'd be trundling along, minding your own business, and blam! You'd be deadized, if you weren't in some of that elite tiered gear. Many's the time I'd come over a hill and discover a Blood of Heroes pool on the downhill slope, by running over it.

So, full of curiosity, I flew over it with Tivara's swift broom mount. Nothing. I dismounted and had Sagarmatha run across it. Nothing. Went up to poke at it. And found...

A gear icon.

Brothers and sisters, you now have to deliberately click a Blood of Heroes pool to extract the blood.

Now all is desolation, sorrow, and nerfs.