Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So, Yeah, Ferocity Is Also Cool

Today my guildmate Marendyn and I provided some fine instancing cheesing for our friend's speed-leveled warrior Ugorok. As previously noted, speed-leveling tends to leave a character way short of proper gear. This generated some money and loot with which to fix that, along with letting Mar and Tivara get the Stratholme achievement.

And, of course, it's Hallow's End. What goes with Hallow's End? Pumpkin heads and glowing eyes, of course! Here's Tivara drinking up just before we go in through Stratholme's back door.

Tivara and Gorynych in Hallow's End

I'm tickled by this shot, for suggesting a growl-off between Gorynych and Marendyn that didn't actually take place:


I must say: while I love the tenacity pet for what it can do for me when I'm out and roaming around, it's awfully nice to leave the tanking to an expert and just make with the pew-pew for a while. Gorynych is not an optimal raid pet - I'm leaning toward a wolf for the group attack power buff for when I do more raiding - but he does dish out a lot of damage. It makes he happy to be an effective part of a team with people whose company I enjoy.

And, y'know. Dinosaur. Doesn't get better than fighting with dinosaurs.