Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunshine (OK, Torchlight) On My Shoulders

I really, really like the look of the Tundra Pauldrons:

Spi - Shoulders.jpg

This is right about dead center for my tastes in medieval-ish fantasy armoring. It's not realistic. (Of course, neither is night elf physiology, and I make no secret of the fact that I do like playing implausibly thin characters. My escapism, let me share my thoughts.) But it conveys—to me, at least—a dramatic appropriateness. Yes, this is the sort of thing that the peoples of cold, undead-haunted lands should make to defend themselves, and it takes a hero with strength and experience to make good use of what she's taken from her fallen enemies' persons and treasure chambers.

Innovative? Nope. Classic and entertaining? Yup.


tomscud said...

I still have my tundra pauldrons, at level 80. Partially because, hey, that plus to shield block is hard to replace. But partially because they look so cool.