Friday, February 27, 2009



Spiderheart hit level 80 this afternoon while doing quests for the Brunhildvar in Storm Peaks, an area and set of quests I continue to love.

Later in the day, I did my first heroic-level tanking, for acquaintance sin the Nexus. At first I stank. Then I stank some more. Gradually I didn't stink quite so much. We finished up downright okay.

I have a lot to master yet.


Samadhi said...

Glad to see you're still kicking. Archon says hello.

Mrigashirsha said...

Hey. :)

John said...


(five 62-75 horde toons on normal server Sen'jin -- LOVE your blog and enjoy stopping by from time to time)

- John (Crwth, Kithara, Isohyet, Kalyptra, Klystron)