Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Spiderheart Miscellany, With Tree Moods

Yeah, it's another grab bag.

I've mentioned the kalu'ak several times lately. Here, as a reminder, is what they look like:

Spi - Kaluak.jpg

Part of WoW's success is its wonderful attention to detail. Take, for instance, the kalu'ak method of lighting their roads:

Spi - Fish Light.jpg

What's this? This is all the abominations in Slaughter Square, just outside Baron Rivendare's place, killed in one fell swoop. Admittedly I didn't do it solo; Spider had help from guildmates Linsey (druid, 57), Jaldorn (shaman, 62), and Desix (paladin, 60). Even so, was giddy excessive fun.

Spi - Abominations.jpg

Druids in WoW get to change shape. They learn a growing variety of forms: bear for warrior-like combat, cat for stealth and rogue-like meleeing, a sea lion form for fast swimming, and so on. Restoration-specced druids, the ones who focus on healing talents, get a tree form, in which their healing power is boosted substantially. Here's Linsey as a tree:

Spi - Tree basic.jpg

Originally, tree form didn't offer much scope for animated action. But they've been adding to it. Check out a tree cheering, waving, crying, and sleeping:

Spi - Tree happy.jpg

Spi - tree waving.jpg

Spi - Tree sad.jpg

Spi - Tree sleepy.jpg

And that's all for this time!


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