Friday, January 09, 2009

Random Thoughts, and Tools

I'm more annoyed than I'd quite realized by some of the persistent bugs in hunters. It's not that any of them is critical in itself, but the fact they drag on and on without redress adds cumulative wear and tear to my play experience. Sure, I have a macro to fix the growl and prowl bug and it's on a button and I mash it...but missing it even occasionally means that my pet does worse than it should, for an unobvious reason. I can afford my repair bills, but the extra cost from volleys damaging Tivara's bow more than they should does eat up some coin. I mostly resent the frittered-away attention.

In happier news, I'm finding my iPod Touch very handy on several fronts. My computer's at the low end of viability for playing Lich King, and it helps when I can turn apps off so as to free resources. I can use Mobile Safari to hit Wowwiki and Wowhead's mobile site, the Google app to look up other stuff, play music (either iTunes or Pandora as I wish, and Sirius when their mobile app is out), consult Twitter when others are afk, and like that. So Safari, Mail, iTunes, and other apps can all go quit on the WoW machine. I've been writing this during raid pauses, and the boost is significant: my frame rate is significantly higher in visually busy moments. More fun for me, better for the raid.