Friday, December 12, 2008

What I'm Playing, 12 December 08

Just because I can, a little gallery of what my characters look like at the login screen at the moment.

First of all, here's Tivara with her currently active pets. Sagarmatha the gorilla is getting some vacation time while I level up Invictus for use as another option in instances and raids. With Ørlög (and showing off the Crimson Steel fist weapon again):

December 12, Tivara and Orlog

And with Invictus:

12 Dec 08, Tivara and Invictus

And I've got two death knights going. Mortwight belongs to Archon just like Tivara; Bruic plays with the Southern Wardens:

12 Dec 08, Mortwight

12 Dec 08, Bruic